11 Ways To Know That You Are Being Energetically Drained By Those Around You

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Energy like we all know is the capacity and the ability that enables us to do work: to move about and exist as well.

Here we will be using the word “vampire” differently than television and film portrayals, i.e not for blood suckers, but in the sense of leeches sucking out our life force in the physical or non-physical realms and on all levels of our being: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

This can be subtly different from what has been termed as a psychic attack in the sense that a psychic attack more than often creates misery than energy vampirism.

Physical And Non-Physical Energy Vampirism

Physical vampires are normally humans. There are people around us who aren’t capable of thriving unless they take energy from others. N, w this might be unintentional. As a matter of fact they themselves might be suffering from draining dysfunctional experiences.

This feeder might be anyone around you irrespective of their age, gender or place of meeting.

Non-physical vampires are unseen entities around us in non-physical realms around us. These are especially intentional energy thieves. They set up siphons through childhood/adulthood trauma and ecstatic bliss episode or through conversations/agreements had in the non-physical realms or other lifetimes.

They are opportunists and might attach themselves to the siphons another human being is using causing a double blow for the person being fed on.

Times When You Can Be Sure That You Are Being Fed On

1. When you feel tired and drained in someone’s presence or when speaking to them over the phone. This is especially relevant when you notice how such conversations are them speaking at you than with you.

2. When you adjust to conform to a social group.

3. When you feel you are not the one your family wants you to be. Also when you feel inadequate because of it.

4. When you are treated as a ‘doormat’, a yes-person or a go-to person, doing what others want you to do even when you don’t want to. You also feel angry for being manipulated but do nothing about it.

5. Having unfulfilling sexual intimacies without being in love or happy for that matter.

6. Confusion reigns and you can’t leave an obviously toxic relationship.

7. Encouraging or participating in drama.

8. Narcissistic personalities are big drainers. They who belittle you, intimidate you, emotionally abuse you and confuse you. Getting free of engagements like this takes a lot of personal strength and energy too.

9. Worshipping a guru, god or celebrity outside of yourself because it is after all a voluntary donation of energy to another entity. It is okay to seek guidance and wisdom but outside of that limit it can be detrimental and draining.

10. The famous line “If you love me you would ________” routine being delivered to you as soon as things turn sour or even not.

11. Experiencing chronic fatigue and tiredness no matter how many healthy habits and supplements you adopt. This can happen in collusion with a physical condition like candida.

But especially if you are in a relationship that sounds close to any of the above items, you are in for a world of trouble.