20 Things You Should Know about Dating an Independent Girl

Independent women now account for the majority of all women.

#1: They need their own alone time. 

And the amount of time required will vary from day to day, regardless of how much they’re into you.

#2: They don’t want you to text needlessly (or customarily).

There’s nothing wrong with texting a thought or two (when they’re actually meaningful and worthwhile!), but texting just for the sake of texting should be out of the question. Both of you have far more genuine things to devote your time to (or at least she does!).

#3: They don’t need a lot of advice or help.

Independent women don’t wait for their partner to solve their problems, not because they’re too proud or stubborn, but because it’s just not necessarily a lot of the time (because independent women usually already have the answers to most problems).

#4: They enjoy being low-maintenance.

If you genuinely want to help or spend some quality time, it’s totally cool. However, most of the time independent women are fine taking care of themselves—so please don’t feel as though you’re required for basic survival.

#5: They enjoy going out alone sometimes.

They keep lots of old friends, but make tons of new friends too—so, again, there really is no need to tag along due to duty.

#6: They aren’t stereotypical “maids.”

Independent women are more likely to sleep in and take you out for a late brunch as opposed to rising early and cooking you both breakfast.

#7: They don’t require your social support.

As alluded to, they can make their own friends and conversations—so, once again, no need to tag along out of duty).

#8: Independent women often prefer to pay their own bills.

And we’re not just talking rent and utilities (or at least 50% of them); this goes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner checks too.

#9: They don’t need a loan from you.

Or, at least they rarely will, they’ll let you know if they do, and they’ll probably offer you a worthwhile interest rate.

#10: They can find and use bathrooms on their own.

And if they do need directional or emotional aid for some reason, again, they’ll let you know.

#11: They enjoy having or striving for a successful career. 

Independent women don’t need someone to provide for them, and they don’t want someone to provide them (or at least not more than 50%!).

#12. They want you to have “you time” or “your own time.”

That way they don’t feel bad when they want to take “their own alone time,” mentioned in #1.

#13: They want to plan their own retirement. 

Sure, it has a little to do with avoiding overly-smothering commitments.

#14: They’re open to marriage, but they’re not hung-up on it.

Independent women are happy being single, but they’re open to being even happier as a result of the right partner and relationship.

#15: They often have more fantasies about cooks, cleaning professionals, personal trainers, and stylists as opposed to male or female models. 

Of course, they have nothing against combinations, either.

#16: Independent women enjoy doing their own repairs.

Even if you are taller—that’s why someone invented a step-stool way back when.

#17: They enjoy embracing the theory of trial and error at least as much as you do.

Even if you do genuinely have expert advice to offer, you really do learn more by doing and trying rather than by listening and interpreting. Plus, it’s just more fun this way.

#18: They find co-dependent individuals irritating.

What can independent women say?—they want everyone to help them help themselves (and can you really blame them?).

#19: They might not truly need you, period. 

But it’s still possible that they do, or that they will at least grow to want to need you someday. If you dig independence, then there’s definitely a much better chance that you are or will be “needed” some day. 

#20: Independent women do appreciate genuine affection.

As long is it is truly genuine, a compliment can and will go a long way toward potential respect, trust, and possibly even affection. Independent women are human beings, remember.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.