Girlfriends Ranked Best to Worst Based on Your Zodiac

When soul meets spirit…

#1: Sagittarius.

People of the sign of Sagittarius are typically harder on themselves than anyone, and in fact, they’re usually extremely positive and supportive toward their partner. However, Sagittarius often neglect their own feelings and emotions as a result of this, so their partner will have to speak up and step in sometimes when they’re disregarding themselves too much. A Sagittarius won’t give their trust away easily, but when they do it will come with their loyalty; if you’re selfless, a Sagittarius might be ideal for you.

#2: Pisces.

These individuals may seem shy at first, but if you persist in getting to know them then you will know someone who you can trust immensely. What’s more, they’ll offer excellent support and insight to their partners, but they’ll always use their intuition to ensure that their partner is true and worthy. Additionally, Pisces are great problem solvers, and their sensitive and easy going nature will also benefit their partners greatly.

#3: Capricorn.

Human beings of the Capricorn sign tend to be perfectionists, but this means they’ll really try their best to please their romantic partners. However, they also prefer to be the dominant one in a relationship, but this also means they’ll be excellent at defending you and comforting you. Capricorns are adept at withholding negative feelings and emotions, so you’ll have to be perceptive and uplifting person in order to be the right partner for them.

#4: Libra.

Libras are known to be the kindest of all zodiac signs, so it isn’t surprising to learn that they are good at avoiding conflict; however, this can lead to issues when problems are not solved or resolved as a result of this tendency. Libras also experience emotions very deeply, which is great when their partners are treating them well, but horrible when their partners are treating them bad. If you’re a positive, outgoing, and confident individual, a Libra might be right for you. They tend to have tempers though, so you’ll just have to roll with the punches.

#5: Gemini.

Geminis experience and demonstrate wide-ranging moods and emotions on a daily basis, so keep in mind that when they’re consistently happy all day it probably means that they’re hiding at least some degree of sadness. However, if you can accept their unique characteristics, they’re happy to embrace 100% of yours—and you. Yet, Geminis don’t often believe in second chances (so be sure to make your first chance count).

#6: Aquarius.

People of this sign tend to be a little eccentric, but if they believe that you’re genuinely into loving them, they can make outstanding life partners who actually value many of the flaws that you may have. Aquarius are a little insecure, but if you can help them get over this—and get over over-thinking everything—they’ll be more grateful and loyal than words can describe.

#7: Leo.

Leos have and maintain high standard and expectations for their partners, but they’ll also do almost anything for their partners in return. They also tend to get frustrated and hurt a lot, but, again, they appreciate understanding and support, and they always try to give back more than they have received. Leos don’t seem to be very good at choosing ideal partners, but if you’re right for them and can convince them to get to know you, it could be an exquisite match.

#8: Cancer.

Human beings of the sign of Cancer have big hearts, but they tend to get hurt frequently as a result of this character trait. It may seem like a Cancer is pushing you further away from them sometimes, but it’s usually very difficult for them to trust people. If you can put up with not knowing exactly what your partner is thinking and feeling a lot of the time, a Cancer just might be the romantic sign for you.

#9: Taurus.

People of the Taurus sign aren’t really relationship people, but this is mainly because they enjoy doing their own thing and living their own life so much. However, they do have a tendency to break hearts, and to hum to their own beat in life in general. Yet, these people hate playing games or adhering to relationship rules, so if this sounds appealing to you, you might want to keep an eye-out for a Taurus.

#10: Aries.

Aries usually like to move relationships along rapidly, but if you don’t find this intimidating or off-putting, then a partner of the Aries sign might be the kind of partner you’re looking for. They like to be in control of romantic relationships; they tend to seem tough on the outside, but exceptionally sensitive on the inside. If you don’t mind a little tough talk, buy an Aries a drink sometime.

#11: Virgo.

Human beings of the sign of Virgo are usually highly critical of themselves and others, and this usually doesn’t bode well for romantic relationships. Additionally, this can end up being incredibly self-destructive sometimes, so anyone who dates a Virgo should be equipped to handle this just in case it occurs. If you’re good at flipping negativity into positivity, you may be the ideal partner for a Virgo.

#12: Scorpio.

Scorpios can be scary romantic partners: they always prefer to be in control, they sometimes seem cold, and they’re frequently blunt. However, they are exceptionally honest and able as well, so it’s up to you to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. If you don’t tend to make your partners angry and you have thick skin, you could be the right partner for a Scorpio.




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