Here Are the Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

I love this list! ❤️

#1: Staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons.

If you aren’t happy in a relationship, it’s not more beneficial for anyone in the long-term for you to remain in it. If you can make changes to make it work and be happy, do it—if not, you’re better off moving on while still living up to any lifelong responsibilities that have begun as a result of said relationship.

#2: Neglecting sunscreen.

Wearing sunscreen can prevent skin cancer and wrinkles, so lather up!

#3: Avoiding live music.

At least go to see your favorite band—live music needs to be experienced to be understood properly.

#4: Neglecting travel.

Seeing how the rest of the world lives will provide you with the necessary perspective to live yours better.

#5: Staying in a friendship for the wrong reasons.

As alluded to, if you’re not happy in a friendship, either make it so you are or move on.

#6: Giving up too much.

You may not be able to accomplish every single thing you set your mind to, but you’ll inevitably be able to accomplish a lot more than you initially think you’ll be able to, which leads to much more success and happiness.

#7: Worrying too much.

If you care about something enough to worry about it, either take steps to rectify the situation or accept it and move on.

#8: Neglecting friends and family members.

Sometimes it can feel like work to stay in touch in a meaningful way, but when you know you enjoy being part of a particular friendship or relationship, it’s worth it to devote the time and effort to maintain it.

#9: Avoiding new friendships.

No one ever has too many friends—although they may have too many poor friendships. Keep the good “old” friends, but make new positive and mutually beneficial friendships as well.

#10: Avoiding risks.

Not all risks are worth it, but many of them are—and you’ll regret far more of the risks you didn’t take in life as opposed to the risks you did take.

#11: Working too much.

It’s tempting to work overtime and holidays for extra cash, and sometimes it’s necessary. But when it’s not, time spent on enjoying yourself is often more beneficial in the long-run.

#12: Neglecting to stand-up for yourself.

In the end, the morals and beliefs that you’ve stood for over the course of your life will be most of what you have left (and most of what you’ll be remembered for).

#13: Avoiding cooking.

Practice makes perfect, and you really are depriving yourself and others of surprisingly delicious meals by neglecting to learn how to cook your favorite foods.

#14: Tuning-out family history.

It can be boring when you’re younger, but when you’re older, you’ll probably wish you knew every detail of every story your grandparents ever articulated.

#15: Neglecting good dental hygiene.

Good dental hygiene certainly makes life more enjoyable—especially later in life.

#16: Holding grudges.

They usually have more of a negative impact on you as opposed to your adversary.

#17: Dwelling on the past.

Similar to holding grudges, focusing on the past rather than the present is unproductive and negative in the long-term.

#18: Neglecting yourself.

You need to make yourself happy in order to maximize the happiness you can inspire in others.

#19: Taking too much advice from friends.

Hearing advice from friends is wise, but taking too much of their advice and not enough of your own will prevent you from owning your decisions (and your life).

#20: Taking too little advice from family members.

They almost always have your best interests in mind, so it’s in your best interest to hear them out (and to listen to them at least some of the time).

#21: Avoiding saying “I love you.”

If you genuinely feel it, you really should say it.

#22: Under-appreciating yourself.

Take stock of the positive things that others do for you and to you—but don’t forget to take stock of all the positive things you do, either.

#23: Neglecting learning.

Try your best to learn in and outside of the classroom; not only will you be a smarter person, but you’ll be a happier and more successful person.

#24: Hating jobs or careers.

Just like relationships, if you can’t enjoy your job or career, it’s worth taking the time and putting forth the effort to find one you will enjoy (or at least won’t hate doing every workday).

#25: Heeding gender roles.

Just be yourself and do what makes you happy.

#26: Neglecting your health in general.

You’ll probably manage to find happiness in life eventually—and you’ll want to live as long as possible as soon as you do.

#27: Fearing too much.

Most things in life are unpredictable, but it’s more beneficial to accept this fact rather than to worry about it.

#28: Avoiding bilingualism.

It can be so fun and satisfying to learn another language—at least give it a try and learn a few words or phrases!

#29: Being selfish in youth.

If it’s too late to correct the past, try to make up for it in the present and future.

#30: Wasting days, months, or years.

You’ll realize their true value later in life (trust).

#31: Avoiding volunteering.

The hardest part is signing up and showing up—the rest is usually very fun and satisfying.

#32: Neglecting the present.

It’s OK to think about the past and the future, but most thoughts are best spent focused on the present.

#33: Neglecting learning parlor or party tricks.

They’ll always come in handy, and they really can save a party altogether.

#34: Neglecting to be yourself.

Worrying about fitting in and being proper rarely benefits anyone—and rarely maximises life enjoyment or success.

#35: Being overly dramatic.

Just being sincere and authentic is both easier and more productive.

#36: Avoiding public performances.

Putting yourself out there allows you to grow as an individual, even if you don’t put on a perfect show.

#37: Not being appreciative enough.

Life is a gift—so celebrate it whenever possible!


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.