This Is How You Love Someone Who Constantly Overthinks

How to out-think a thinker.

When you’re in a loving romantic relationship with an overthinker, you’ve gotta realize that they experience reality differently than most people. However, these people think this way naturally and uncontrollably, so there really is no way around this dilemma. Overthinkers will be constantly thinking about questions whether they articulate them or not, and they will also simultaneously be formulating several potential answers to these questions. Because your partner is so hung-up on indecision so frequently, you’ll have to have and show genuine confidence in your relationship in order for it to be able to thrive.

Since your partner is an overthinker, you need to attempt to be an over-sharer. This means that you need to articulate more facts about yourself and your relationship than you normally would in order to minimize the number of questions and considerations your partner will experience. Yet, you still need to be compassionate and understanding when they do ask many of the questions they have which would only be relevant under the oddest of circumstances—and you must comprehend that these questions and concerns are at least somewhat related to fear and love.

Again, people who constantly overthink can’t prevent themselves from generating an overwhelming amount of questions and insights, so you really need to try to see and experience the world from their unique perspectives in order to understand them as human beings better. What’s more, it will also be both positive and productive to articulate the fact that you don’t intend to exit your relationship in the foreseeable future (if you mean it); this will show your partner that you love them despite their unique character, and also that they have less to fear and contemplate than they imagine.

Furthermore, you need to be able to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions very well. Again, this will reduce the number of questions and concerns that your partner will be forced to consider—and it’s usually a good idea to try to express your true meaning and intentions in any situation, anyway. If you can keep your cool and don’t mind being interrogated (literally), then you may be able to help your partner make genuine progress as a human being, which could very well make them happier and more successful in life overall.

If you can accept the fact that your overthinking partner will almost constantly be analyzing your every word, gesture, and action, then it’s definitely worth it to devote quality time and effort to your relationship. As discussed, aside from these character traits, having a partner who overthinks means that you really don’t need to think about as many things if you don’t want to. Of course, you have to factor in the extra thinking you will have to do in order to counter your partner’s extra thinking, but human beings think about their partners a lot anyway, so it’s safe to say you’ll still come out on the positive end of things. However, overthinking partners do tend to rub-off at least a little on the other partner in the relationship—so get your brain in shape, just in case.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.