Why We Don’t Do What We Want to Do and How to Start

How to do more in less time.

A wise, unknown individual once said that, “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” In the modern world, finding a way to do what brings you joy often means finding ways to do what you want for short periods of time whenever your schedule and day permits. Today, if you decide not to do something you’d like to do because you don’t have time to do it all at once, you are severely limiting the amount of happiness and peacefulness that you experience in life.

However, there’s a fifteen minute activity that you can do every day to maximize your enjoyment on a daily basis. By clearing only fifteen minutes in your schedule every day, you’ll likely find out quickly that the only thing that has been holding you back from experiencing more happiness in life has been assumptions and excuses. It can be difficult to figure out how to enjoy an activity in only fifteen minutes when it usually demands hours or days, but if you choose an activity or activities that you’re truly passionate about, it shouldn’t be overly difficult to break an activity into smaller chunks.

Sometimes, it’s imperative to fill your fifteen minutes with an activity that you haven’t undertaken before, but have always wanted to attempt. You may think that if you try an activity you’ll only find out that you’re not good at it and never will be, but, quite simply, you just need to get over these types of thoughts. In fact, knowing that you’ll only be doing the activity for fifteen minutes should make it easier for you to give it a try than would normally be the case; the fact that you’re only giving something a quick try should even make failure less your fault.

Again, it’s imperative to resist the urge to just go about your day—and your life—as usual. As alluded to, the modern world seems to fly by at a constant break-neck speed, so if you don’t at least try to squeeze adequate happiness and peacefulness into your life then it’s possible you’ll never be fully satisfied or alive. It’s vital to take responsibility for the happiness of yourself, not only for yourself but for the friends and loved ones who you interact with throughout your life. What it really comes down to is committing to making positive and productive priorities—and then compelling yourself to follow through on them and enjoy the benefits of them.

If you decide to take up jogging as your activity, there are sure to be days every once in a while when you don’t make it out the door in time to squeeze a run in. Don’t worry about it! Keeping a strict schedule may benefit you early on, but there’s no reason at all to beat yourself up if you miss a day or only squeeze in five minutes as opposed to fifteen. If you can more or less stay on track, your fifteen minute per day commitment could quickly turn into just another part of your day, which means that every one of your days will be a little happier and more peaceful.

One you’ve incorporated one new activity into your routine, try adding another activity into the mix. Before you know it, you may turn into one of those super-happy people who manage to get a million things done each day—and who are still smiling and energetic at the end of each day.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.