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10 Reasons Why Dating a Scorpio Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

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Source: Natalie Allen.

#1: They’re incredibly intense.

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Scorpios have been known to resemble emotional rollercoasters, but when they’re in a relationship this is definitely one of high parts of the track. As a result, the relationship has the potential to be as exciting and as enjoyable as a rollercoaster ride as well.

#2: They’re virtually fearless.

Scorpios also have the tendency to refuse to quit at all costs, so they’re usually more capable of getting themselves out of intimidating situations than most people are. This is good news for their partners, because if the relationship does hit a rough patch, if anyone can think of a way to smooth things over it’s probably a Scorpio.

#3: They know their worth.

Partly because Scorpios are so intense, they usually desire long-term relationships as opposed to short-term flings or stands. Scorpios put pretty much everything they have into romantic relationships, and oftentimes it’s just not worth their time to do so for temporary or shallow happiness.

#4: They’re insightful.

This means that Scorpios are usually aware of more than what has been said or revealed, and this is usually beneficial to loving partners; Scorpios can uncover or anticipate their needs and desires even if their partners don’t reveal them—so they can satisfy their partners’ needs and desires without ever having been asked or directly informed.

#5: They’re remarkably honest.

Even though Scorpios could use their intuitiveness to their immoral advantage, most Scorpios use it as reason to be even more honest themselves; since Scorpios know so much info about other people, they feel somewhat obligated to ensure that other people know the info and truths which they long for.

#6: They are “old-school” faithful.

As discussed, Scorpios approach relationships intensely, and this ends up making them far more faithful than your average human being. Scorpios usually don’t say or do things that will jeopardize their romantic relationships, which usually results in lasting (or at least longer-lasting) relationships.

#7: They’re selfless.

Scorpios are natural healers, lovers, and friends, partly because they are so sensitive and selfless. It’s not uncommon to witness Scorpios coming to someone’s aid first or making someone smile unnecessarily—even at the Scorpio’s own inconvenience or expense.

#8: They are more sexual than most people.

This also stems from their intensity. Scorpios possess naturally sexual energy, so there’s no need to worry about this sexuality being awkward or inappropriate. Just enjoy it (and your Scorpio).

#9: They’re passionate.

It’s a fine line between passion and intensity, but Scorpios are revealing their more passionate sides when they follow their natural instincts and accomplish feats which benefit large numbers of people overall (and in positive ways). Scorpios are also curious and confident, and their passion will be felt in more loving ways than their normal intensity will be.

#10: They’re highly protective.

Scorpios will defend their partners immediately and ferociously. Since many Scorpios often feel as though their partner is part of themselves, there’s nothing they won’t do to protect them (and the relationship as a whole). As a result of this, partners of Scorpios usually don’t feel helpless or unloved; instead, they feel safe physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you’re looking for a true and secure relationship, then you shouldn’t hesitate before accepting a date from a Scorpio—or before letting a Scorpio know that you’d like to date them.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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