10 Signs That You’re Fully Awake

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There are countless manifestations and ‘synchronicities’ in your day to day existence that could show you affirmations to you having become awakened to a high perspective of spirituality, or a high consciousness if you will. Here are 10 of those possible experiences you may encounter.

1 ~ You have an increased tendency in letting things happen rather than making them happen.

Now don’t get my words twisted, this does not mean you’ve become docile. What it does mean, however, is you have begun to understand that life and the journey thereof is unfurling before you, you can make and do with what comes your way, without having to had to the stress and confusion of making a mole mound out of an ant hill.

2 ~ You have frequent feelings of being connected to others and nature.

There will be increasing moments where you can almost feel the flapping of butterflies wings a meadow away, or hear the color of a sunrise move you in grand ways. You may have more moments of an empathy with others that transcends understanding. These moments of connectedness are tokens of our present nature of being, our balance we may be holding at that time.

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3 ~ You have a loss of interest in conflict.

This is where, on a global political level, you see that preemptive war is unnecessary, or war of any sort for that matter. You have reached a level of connection with your fellow man and nature around you that resisting something or coming in open conflict with something is of no interest to you anymore. I don’t mean you don’t test yourself and come face to face with the parts of you that must still be transformed, but I mean you come to understanding with the opposition. You don’t let emotion rule and send you into a whirlwind of reaction when all in all we should be interacting objectively.

4 ~ You gain a loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

Whether we are being poisoned through our food and water supplies, and by who or why, is beyond our concern anymore. Part of awakening and ascending to higher truths is accepting there may be grand schemes operating against humanity, though dwelling on them will only leave you anchored to lower vibrational frequencies of life. Rising above and losing interest in those things is part of awakening, and concerning yourself with how you can be an example of light that has broken through the mold of these actions is paramount in this.

5 ~ You experience loss of interest in judging others.

One cannot impose moral standards upon another. The act of the government doing this through legislation and law is in its own right, immoral itself. Making it more personal, everyone sins in different ways, but every body sins. When you arise in consciousness, you realize this and your knack for judging others dissipates reciprocally.

6 ~ You lose the ability to worry.

Most would say that conventional and mainstream media would be afraid of the general populous awakening, because of this reason right here. When you ascend to higher levels of your true self, you tend to transcend the fear/hate mongering that is spread through today’s mainstream news. We would rather spend our time and energy being a beacon of truth, radiating positivity, love, and light, instead of getting caught in the web of negativity that is so easily spread.

7 ~ You gain the ability to love without expecting anything in return.

This ability alone could be one of the hardest to learn or attain. If you are loving without expecting anything at all in return, you are able to understand that your neighbors, or really, all men/women are one, we are all thrust into this world of fear and confusion, but by loving without expecting even a thank you in return, we are being the example to others that love and light are real and possible to attain. We are all indoctrinated with false ways of existence and being, and we all have the opportunity to wake up, get up and brush it all off.

8 ~ You gain perspective of the “Bigger Picture.”

This great vision may include some grand scheme of the ruling elite, and their mission for one-rule control over the world. Or, it may envision a future destination of mankind in which, we are all connected by one past, building and living together in the present, for a purer and more peaceful united future. We may actually understand that by becoming One in purpose and in heart, humanity may actually tip the scales back towards a brighter and prosperous existence. It could go either way, really, we may be creating the path we trek from the thoughts, actions, and decisions we make (as a collective world society) from this crossroads, going forward.

9 ~ You recognize there are Esoteric Knowledge/Energies manipulating our Physical World.

Atheist, Agnostic, Theological, Spiritual, Scientific, Logical… splice it however you want with whatever label or title or school of though you want to. It all ends up cut proportionately, and even more importantly, from the same stock. We are all searching in our own way for answers we couldn’t possibly understand the answers to. We all have come to our own beliefs and understandings on the pieces we have come to learn and know. No matter how you explain it or look at it, we are all attempting to convey our understanding of the ethereal experiences and interactions made through reality. Spirit, Energy, Light, etc. they all are words striving to describe what is, stuff that was somehow understood or cultivated in some way by few of our ancients.

10 ~ You come to understand you, and you alone possess the power to change the world.

With most, nearly all, of the knowledge gained from this awakened perspective on reality, you start to understand that to be the most effective in being a power of change to the current state of the world, you must cultivate you new skills and merge them into a state of being that you are able to be a torch in the darkness of the days to come. You must stand firm in truth and light, and rise above the muck and the mire to be a shining example for others to strive to become themselves. You realize that your thoughts, words, and actions carry weight through the ripples of time and when this is understood, you can truly make a difference in the environment around you.
Are you in line with most or all of these traits? Have you been feeling pretty awakened spiritually or even intellectually, and these reasons resonate with you? If so, you may have experienced a large awakening of the higher self. You may be raising your vibrations to align with truth and light. With that said, let’s keep the torch lit and the momentum going.

inspired by an article by WorldTruth.TV
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