11 Signs There’s A Toxic Person In Your Life

Eliminate all negativity.

Sometimes labeling someone as being toxic can be a little melodramatic, but it really isn’t a stretch to say that people who have significant negative effects on you are hazardous to your health. Please read the list below so you always recognize when someone toxic is too close to you.

#1: They’re horrible listeners.

Toxic people will always talk over you or flat-out interrupt you if they want to talk about something else. Furthermore, if you simply just stand or sit there nodding your head, you’ll find that most toxic people will just go on talking regardless of the fact that they’re basically just talking to themselves (and at you).

#2: They portray themselves as victims.

No matter what isn’t going right for them or their lives, toxic people will always have someone else to blame for it no matter what.

#3: They’re extremely judgmental.

This means that toxic people will often judge other individuals who they’ve never even met, and sometimes they’ll judge people who they’ve never even seen before (and have only heard of before).

#4: They crave attention.

Whether it’s interrupting, dominating, or controlling in some other way, toxic people will do virtually anything in order to be the center of attention and discussion. They often succeed in their quests, but usually for all the wrong reasons.

#5: They give no respect.

Toxic people litter, graffiti buildings, destroy property, rage-drive, and never say thank-you. Sometimes toxic people will give respect if you shower them with praise or flattery beforehand, but oftentimes even this is not enough to get a toxic personal to act civil.

#6: They’re excellent at interrupting.

This doesn’t just mean conversations. Toxic people interrupt other drivers on the road, most coworkers at their places of employment, and anyone in their vicinity when they constantly talk on their cell phones in public.

#7: They worship their egos.

Toxic people aren’t generally well-liked, so it seems as though they spend much of their time liking themselves out loud and doing anything and everything possible to make themselves look good—and look better than they actually are.

#8: They’re abusive.

It goes without saying that physical abuse should never be tolerated, but mental and emotional abuse can be just as damaging. Toxic people tend to be more abusive than most people, so it really isn’t bad advice to steer clear of them whenever possible.

#9: They’re “always right.”

This means that they’re almost always wrong, but that they always endlessly insist that they are correct no matter what. Sometimes you just have to walk away to minimize the toxicity that you’re forced to absorb.

#10: They’re “never responsible.”

This means that they almost always are responsible when something goes wrong, but that they will always endlessly insist they aren’t to blame no matter what. Again, you’re better off walking away than trying to reason with a toxic human being. 

#11: They love cliques.

Think Clueless, Mean Girls, Gossip Girl—you get it. The cliques in these movies may be fun to observe, but they are never fun for non-toxic people to be a part of. Unfortunately, toxic people not only genuinely desire that type of negative behavior, but they actually thrive on it. No one can ever rightly blame you for fleeing from a toxic individual.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.