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12 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate

Put your foot down.

It’s extremely difficult or even impossible to live a positive and productive life if there is too much negativity—or too many negative people—in your daily environment. Please read the list below for more specific info and advice on how to avoid negativity and live a happier, more successful, and more peaceful life.

#1: Seeking approval.

This is negative because it lessens your personal power and it prevents you from focusing on accomplishing worthwhile endeavors as opposed to praiseworthy endeavors. What’s more, it’s impossible to please everyone no matter how hard you try, so you’ll only be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure at some point.

#2: Thinking negatively.

David James Lees argues that you should “be mindful of your self-talk; it’s a conversation with the universe.” Avoid focusing on negative thoughts in order to enhance the likelihood that your destiny (or your life) will be positive and enjoyable.

#3: Poor friends.

Any friend who discourages you from following your true passions, goals, and interests is not a good friend to have (or keep). Sometimes it seems like a good idea to keep all your friends regardless of their unique impact on you, but you will actually benefit from unfriending individuals who hinder you in these ways.

#4: Embracing comfort.

A wise person once said that “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” It’s important to be comfortable in life in general, but it’s necessary to put yourself out there to some extent and to take some worthwhile risks in order to experience the happiness and success that you deserve.

#5: Going with the flow.

It’s somewhat jarring to contemplate the idea that most people are sheep, but it doesn’t make the ideology any less true or relevant. The point? Don’t say or do things because other people do or because you think that’s what other people want you to do. Instead, say and do what you think is right—be yourself!

#6: Career-loathing.

Far too many human beings hate their jobs these days. If you hate yours, you are far better off in the long run to figure out what you would like to do for a living, and to then figure out what you need to do to be able to do that for a living.  Changing careers isn’t easy, but if you choose the right one, your life will be exponentially more enjoyable.

#7: Unhealthy lifestyles.

Most people find it hard to eat healthily, stay fit, and make it to all doctor’s appointments and checkups, but the people who manage to do all of these things will almost certainly live longer and more enjoyable lives. Any healthy changes you can make will help significantly in the long run.

#8: Greed.

It’s important to remember that human beings cannot take money or wealth with them once they die (as far as anyone knows). It’s tempting to sacrifice your time and energy in the name of making money, but you’ll often find that spending this time doing something you enjoy with people you enjoy is more satisfying in most cases.

#9: Over-explaining.

If you’ve explained yourself clearly once, it’s usually counterproductive to try and do it again in the same way or an entirely different way. It may not seem like it at the time, but always trying to make everyone understand what you think, say, or do is a hopeless battle to fight over the course of your lifetime—and it will definitely cost you happiness and peacefulness.

#10: Being unhappy.

Everyone gets sad from time to time, but if you’re sad more than you’re happy in life, then it’s time to shift your perspective. There’s almost always some positive and negative aspects to any experience or occurrence, and consciously focusing on identifying and analyzing the positive ones will make you a more positive and productive human being.

#11: Being lazy.

Even if you can accomplish enough at home alone to get by, you’re missing out on a lot of enjoyment by doing so. Just making it a point to go for a walk to a park every day or go for a coffee with a friend every day can get you into a more active, productive, and enjoyable routine.

#12: Not standing up for yourself or your beliefs.

If it is safe to do so, always stand-up and speak-out. You will only experience regret and many other forms of negativity later on if you don’t.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.