13 Signs You Didn’t Realize You Are Experiencing Because You May Be A Demisexual

People who are somewhere between A-sexual and commonly sexual in bed.

Many human beings don’t realize that it is possible to be demisexual: a type of sexuality that lies between what would commonly be considered normal and what would be considered asexual. People who feel an intense attraction to someone that is not initially sexually—but that eventually becomes sexual—are considered to be demisexual by many standards. Please read the info and insights below to better understand what it means to be demisexual—and to better understand if you might be demisexual yourself.

#1: Friendship precedes romance.

As discussed, a demisexual relationship begins out of friendship or acquaintance; then it becomes an intense platonic relationship, and then it becomes romantic.

#2: Emotional attraction trumps physical attraction.

In fact, sometimes seeing the other person naked won’t even be attractive—but feeling a spike in emotional connection will oftentimes be orgasmic.

#3: Snuggling sometimes trumps shagging.

As mentioned, any activity that leads to a particularly intense emotional connection can be more enjoyable than having sex. However, there are many times when sex is emotional and mind-blowing as well.

#4: Anti-one-nighters.

Since the emotional connection would only be short-term (at best), there is no chance that it could be fulfilling or orgasmic.

#5: Anti-lust.

As alluded to, no matter how much of a workout occurs between the sheets, there will be no genuine release if there is no true emotional connection. Yet, this isn’t hard to achieve when a demisexual human being meets the right person (and feels the right connection).

#6: Quasi-friends.

Demisexual individuals are unique, so it’s rare to find two of them in the same group of friends or social circle. With this in mind, demisexual people are never quite on the same page as their friends the way normal friends are.

#7: Unique sex drive.

Depending on how much of an emotional release was had during the last act of coitus, demisexual people might desire sex later that night—or later that month.

#8: Character trumps body.

It makes sense that demisexual people value a person’s character more than their physical appearance. However, these human beings still have their preferences when it comes to looks.

#9: Anti-affairs.

The blasphemy involved in the scenario would cause the emotional connection to become negative, and the experience would result in a build-up of negative emotions as opposed to a release of negative emotions.

#10: Calm commitment.

It should go without saying that when a demisexual person finds a connection, they want to stay connected for as long as possible. This means that they’re happy to get married—or not; as long as the commitment is genuine and ongoing, labels and titles make no matter.

#11: Metaphysical communication.

Demisexual people need relationships in which communication is non-stop. This doesn’t mean that both partners need to constantly talk to each other, but it does mean that both people need to remain completely open emotionally so their true feelings are always being conveyed.

#12: Flirting feels foreign.

Demisexual individuals can’t really flirt well because they don’t know if they desire to flirt with someone until they’ve already become close platonic friends. Yet, they can hold their own when it comes to flirting at that point. 

#13: Porn seems pointless.

It’s extremely difficult or impossible to connect emotionally via a Playboy or a Porn Hub video. As such, demisexual human beings would rather meditate.



*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.