20+ Science Facts We Didn’t Know at The Start of 2017


#1: Since scientists were able to photograph and scrutinize the collision of two neutron stars, humanity now knows that the speed of gravity is almost identical to the speed of light. Synchronized optical and gravitational wave observations enabled the speed of gravity to be measured precisely for the first time ever.

#2: A new human organ—yes, a new organ—has been discovered and identified. The mesentery has been officially classified, as remarkable as it is to believe.

#3: Although it has been found that time travel is mathematically possible, the materials which are required just to attempt to build a time machine are entirely unavailable. Stay tuned.

#4: A new type of diabetes has been discovered, and it is also known that this type has been misdiagnosed ever since diabetes was originally discovered. The now officially classified type 3c diabetes has been known as type 2 in past years.

#5: In the northeast United States, a gargantuan mass of hot rock is building up beneath Vermont. The hot blob reaches all the way to regions beneath New England, which is quite concerning to say the least.

#6: It turns out that lungs don’t merely facilitate respiration, but they also generate blood. More specifically, mammalian lungs generate over 10 million platelets or tiny blood cells each and every hour.

#7: Believe it or not, time crystals are real—and they are a new state of matter. In fact, there is now even a precise blueprint on file that enables any qualified individual with the means to create them.

#8: Shockingly, it has been found that the human brain begins to eat itself as a result of prolonged lack of sleep. Sleep allows the brain to clear-out daily neural debris from regular activity, but it kicks into overdrive and clears out neurons and synaptic connections when it hasn’t gotten enough rest.

#9: It’s official that Vantablack is the blackest material that scientists are aware of, and it’s also official that it can now be utilized by way of spray-balm.

#10: It’s now known that direct counterfactual quantum communication is achievable. In 2017, scientists accomplished quantum communication without particle transmission, which has long been a completely unproven but widely believed theory.

#11: The world’s first semi-synthetic organisms are living among us – scientists have given rise to new lifeforms using an expanded, six-letter genetic code.

#12: There is now a gigantic crater in Siberia named “the doorway to the underworld.” As a result of human-induced climate change, permafrost has melted rapidly and uncovered forests which have been buried for approximately 200,000 years.

#13: Carl Sagan once predicted that pseudoscience and scientific illiteracy would eventually become the predominant human perspective. We may not be there yet, but with a climate change denier as President of the United States and numerous deniers in Republican Congress as well, it could just be a matter of time.

#14: It’s now known that a giant neuron wraps itself around the brains of mice. Furthermore, it seems to be connected to mammalian consciousness.

#15: The New Guinea highland wild dog was thought to be extinct, be the world is now aware of the fact that the species is actually thriving.

#16: Research indicates that the human appendix probably plays an important biological role, despite the widely held belief that it serves no useful purpose whatsoever.

#17: A cat-sized dinosaur fossil found in Scotland has forced the entire family tree of the species to be reconfigured. It’s the first time a dino-discovery of this magnitude has been made in over a hundred years.

#18: It turns out the that polycystic ovary syndrome could begin in the brain as opposed to the ovaries. Who would’ve ever thought?

#19: A new continent has been discovered on Earth. It’s true: Zealandia has been hiding beneath the waters of New Zealand for countless generations, without ever being suspected or detected.

#20: It’s been proven that human beings have had a larger impact on Earth’s geology than the Great Oxidation Event which occurred approximately 2.3 billion years ago. With this in mind, a new geological epoch called “Anthropocene” has been proposed and is under consideration.

#21: It has been verified that narwhals do use their horns for hunting; however, it has also been verified that they use them differently than scientists predicted.

#22: Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio communications have created a protective bubble around the planet (so sleep sound tonight).

#23: It has been verified that red Skittles can be used as cattle feed, and it’s also been verified that this is a very inexpensive option.

#24: Scientists now know that some types of brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen can be reversed. Scientists used oxygen treatments on a 2-year-old girl who was thought to have drown.



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