21 Tips to Release Self-Neglect and Love Yourself in Action

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Thich Nhat Hanh once eloquently said, “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” It is true that learning how to love and accept yourself is both one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding things to do in life. Please continue reading to find out why this is the case, and to find out how you can love and accept yourself naturally every day.

#1: Begin each day with love as opposed to technology.

As soon as you’ve managed to turn your alarm clock off, take a few deeps breaths. Each time you breathe in, think of the word love and envision what comes to mind. Each time you breathe out, repeat the exercise. Do this while bathing in natural light for best results.

#2: Practice meditation and keep a journal.

Start with at least five minutes of meditation or mindful thinking, and increase the amount of time you devote as you’d like. Similarly, begin journaling for at least five minutes per day, and whenever you have the desire to continue writing, keep going.

#3: Reinforce positivity.

Studies have shown that talking to yourself has many benfits and few disadvantages, and this is especially true if articulating positive words and ideas will help you become more positive.

#4: Accept your emotions.

It’s tempting to tell yourself you’re happy even when you know you feel sad, but avoiding discomfort in the moment will only lead to more discomfort in the near future. Instead, accept your true emotions, release them by determining what will make you happy, and actually feel happy by doing what is necessary.

#5: Broaden your interests.

Trying new things will cause you to uncover new things that you love doing.

#6: Get and/or stay fit.

Uncover exercises that you somewhat enjoy and research healthy foods to make every day significantly more beneficial to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

#7: Release.

Practice breathing properly, relax, and release. It’s vital to devote enough time and energy to recharging your batteries.

#8: Be spiritual.

If religion isn’t your thing, then learn and think about the Universe, and connect with it.

#9: Realize and acknowledge your potential.

If you know you’re capable of doing more good in the world than you have been, then think about what you need to do to be all that you can be—and then just do it!

#10: Practice patience.

Always remember that it takes time to create or produce something significant and meaningful. Focus is everything.

#11: Be grateful.

It’s imperative to compel your mind to be grateful on a regular basis. This includes being grateful for the gift of life itself—and for yourself.

#12: Be intuitive.

Deducting reasoning leads to intuition over time. Read more Sherlock Holmes stories if you know you lack insight.

#13: Be honorable.

In other words, be someone that is worthy of being loved and you will love yourself naturally—and rightfully.

#14: Acknowledge that nothing is certain in life.

This will make it easier to love yourself despite your imperfections (which all human beings have).

#15: Be forgiving.

Give other people the benefit of the doubt whenever doubt exists—and do yourself this same courtesy regarding your own thoughts, words, and actions.

#16: Enjoy life thoroughly.

There should always be room for play; or, as Dr. Stuart Brow argues, “The opposite of play isn’t work, it is depression.”

#17: Be genuine.

It’s extremely difficult to love a disingenuous person—especially when that person is you.

#18: Acknowledge your own good actions and deeds.

You deserve to be praised when you do good just as much as other human beings do. Don’t cheat yourself of the love that you deserve.

#19: Be conscious of negativity.

Negative thoughts inevitably enter all human minds, but when you realize you’re thinking negatively, look around you—or within you—and focus on something productive.

#20: Be cognizant of self-love.

Make it a point to think about what you’ve recently thought, said, or done that is worthy of love. You don’t have to say it out loud, but acknowledging in your mind that you love yourself because you’re worthy of it will help you do more good in the future (for many people, including yourself).

#21: Don’t fear professionals or experts.

We all need varying degrees of help with self-love and countless other issues from time to time. It’s definitely nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.




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