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6 Reasons Women Leave the Men They Love

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It has been said that love possesses no judgment, no agenda, no bias, and no bigotry, and also that love has no boundaries or limitations. Yet, even with all of this being said, thousands of romantic relationships end every day. Please read the info and insights below to learn some of the most common reasons that women end romantic relationships with men—it could end up helping you or someone you care about immensely.

#1: Loneliness and aloneness.

If a woman is in a romantic relationship and she still feels lonely or alone, then what’s the point of remaining in that relationship? Even if a human being loves and supports their partner, if these feelings and actions aren’t reciprocated, then it just isn’t a true relationship—let alone true love.

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#2: Lack of acknowledgment.

Some people have problems acknowledging the accomplishments of their partners, and some people have problems even acknowledging their partner’s existence sometimes. When a woman spends time with a man-hours, in some cases—and he doesn’t look at her, listen to her, or communicate with her, then it’s the opposite of a happy, peaceful, and comfortable situation and relationship. Communicating and loving properly and adequately does not require grand acts of romance, so there really is no excuse for not putting forth the time and effort which is required and deserved.

#3: Lack of sexual appreciation.

Most women desire full intimacy, and this is impossible to experience if sex becomes routine. Spontaneity is synonymous with romance, so if a man isn’t being sexually original and engaging, then they’re being neither romantic nor sexy—and it’s impossible for a woman to feel sexy if she doesn’t feel like the man she’s with is sexy.

#4: Partners adapt—and evolve—at different rates.

Whether it’s due to menopause or simply personal growth and change in general, the desires and the needs of women become different over time, just as they do for men. With this in mind, it’s possible that either partner may not be able to satisfy the other even though they were able to do so very well only a short time before. Once partners begin to grow significantly different—or substantially apart—then it’s best for both people to simply move on (and move elsewhere).

#5: Lack of spontaneity.

Just as lack of sexual spontaneity can be detrimental to a relationship, so too can lack spontaneity in character or lifestyle be detrimental to relationships. Women in particular desire nuance and serendipity in life, and these are impossible to realize or appreciate in full if partners are too caught-up in their regular daily routine to notice them. If a man becomes too swept-up in the current of life, then a woman will likely need to paddle upstream and elsewhere for love. 

#6: Lack of physical, mental, or emotional connection.

As has been discussed, many modern women desire men who will appreciate them for who they are, the things they say, and the things they do. If a man desires spending time away from his partner more than he desires spending time with her, then it’s impossible for many women to genuinely connect not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. And who can blame them? In a modern world, the need for women to marry men no longer exists; instead, the desire for women to share their lives with men exists—or it doesn’t.

To put it another way, if modern women don’t desire to share their lives with particular modern men, then they don’t have to, they shouldn’t have to, and they won’t. If a particular man is not providing a particular woman with love, appreciation, touch, spiritual connection, and intellectual stimulation, then she will simply find a different man or woman who can. Of course, modern women can also opt to be single—and to be far happier than they ever could be with an inadequate man.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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