7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone at Least Once in Your Life

The overwhelming sense of absolute freedom.

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#1: You’ll meet many inspiring human beings who you otherwise wouldn’t.

Although the same notion is true when you travel with friends or family members, you’ll definitely meet more fascinating people when you’re on your own. You’ll be in a less defined group more frequently, and as a result of this, you’ll naturally approach and interact with a greater number of new people (and some of them are bound to be of the “inspiring” variety). What’s more, some of the new people you meet will introduce you to other friends of theirs in the area—so the positive results can quickly become exponential.

#2: You’ll feel an invigorating sense of freedom.

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As alluded to, you’ll have much less of a schedule and far-fewer obligatory activities to attend. You won’t have to worry at all about whether the friends or family you usually travel with will be interested in doing the things you’d like to, and you won’t have to worry about upsetting them if you decide you’d like to do something different entirely just before a pre-planned activity begins (or if you happen to find something better to do right in the middle of things). Travelling is often described as being life-changing, and you can definitely embrace more change in general when you only have to worry about you.

#3: You’ll be compelled to overcome more fears and insecurities.

Without having any close friends or family members to rely on or to lean on, you will be forced to make difficult decisions on your own and take action in the best way you see fit. Moreover, once you get into the hang of it, you’ll likely embrace the concept further—and possibly even take that skydive you’ve always both desired and feared, or try eating some sort of exotic dish that is both enticing and terrifying. Most of these experiences are the type which you will take with you for the rest of your life, and which will truly change you for the better forever.

#4: You’ll be more likely to find love.

Everyone has heard stories of people falling in love while traveling alone, and even stories of some of these relationships lasting forever. Well, many of the reports are true! As mentioned, you’re far more likely to put yourself out there while traveling alone and to accept more new people into your company. Furthermore, if you’re single, the type of people you’ve been meeting back home obviously haven’t panned out, and it’s probable that you’ll meet some individuals who are very different from most people back home. The circumstances really do benefit opportunities for love.

#5: You’ll have more time for yourself.

Especially if you usually spend a lot of your time with friends and family (too much time, perhaps), traveling alone can be revitalizing just because you can easily spend as much time alone as you desire without having to worry that your company is expected elsewhere. Go for a quiet walk, take a nap, read a book, watch TV—the possibilities are probably as close to being endless as they ever will be!

#6: You can be the person you are, or you can be the person you’d like to be.

You’ll have a 100% clean slate. Just think about that for a second. If you’re 100% happy with who you are as a person, then you’re free to be yourself without having to worry about what your friends and family will think (or judge). Conversely, if you’d like to make (or try) a different or an improved “you,” you can go ahead and do it without having to fear that people will wonder why you’re not your normal self, or why you’re trying to change. And by the time you make it home, you’ll definitely be at least a little different anyway (so everyone else will just have to adapt, in turn).

#7: You can truly disconnect.

Even if your cell phone works in other countries, you can still use the excuse that it doesn’t if you have the urge to turn it off for the entire duration of your journey. Similar excuses will work pertaining to checking your email, social media networks, and, of course, good old snail-mail. Think about all those things you won’t have to do anymore! Even if you normally enjoy doing most of them, you’re sure to enjoy experiencing new things instead. Travelling alone really is an all-around great way to reset your system, to recharge your system, and to function on all cylinders for the duration of your trip—and beyond.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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