A New Study Suggests That People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol Are More Likely to Die Young

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Research indicates that it’s better to drink some alcohol as opposed to none at all—if you want live a long time, that is. According to Time magazine, on average, avoiding alcohol entirely rather than drinking in moderation actually results in a shorter lifespan for human beings.

This may seem shocking, but over a twenty year time period—and even after factoring in variables such as socioeconomic status and amount of physical activity—drinkers aged between 55 and 65 were proven to live longer than non-drinkers within the same age range. What’s more, although those who drank moderately faired best of all, even those who drank heavily ended up living longer than those who did not drink at all. The study was headed by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin, so these results should not be taken lightly.

More specifically, 1,824 individuals were studied in total: 41% of moderate drinkers died early, 69% of non-drinkers passed away before their time, while 60% of heavy drinkers died prematurely. However, there are some caveats attached to these findings, since individuals who drank were more likely to suffer from cirrhosis, cancer, alcohol dependency, accidents, and poor judgement in general. Yet, one still has to think that living longer with health issues—even serious ones—is still preferable to living fewer years or ceasing to live at all.

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So, why might drinkers end up living longer than non-drinkers? It could be that the former tend to be more social than the latter, and socializing is vital to both achieving and maintaining good mental and physical health. Moreover, non-drinkers exhibit higher degrees of depression than those who drink, and moderate drinking has already been proven to improve heart health and blood circulation.

It goes without saying that one should always strive to drink responsibly, but now it’s time to add “it’s better to drink a lot of alcohol than no alcohol at all” to the list of sayings to live by, as well.

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