Can Cats and Dogs See “Spirits?” Science Confirms They Can See Frequencies We Can’t


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Even though mainstream scientists have acknowledged that cats, dogs, and many other animals can see frequencies that human beings cannot, it’s still both surprising and fascinating to contemplate what this fact really means. More specifically, animals such as cats and dogs are capable of seeing UV light waves; the retina inside the human eye just does not have anything close to the same ability. Decades ago reputable scientists may have been able to simply assume that the eyes of most mammals functioned similarly to the eyes of humans since humanity was considered to be such an “evolved” species; however, it is now undeniably clear that this is not the case at all.

Research from biologists at City University in London, UK reveals, even more, details about this fascinating phenomenon. With this in mind, Pet MD writes, “Have you ever felt that your cat or dog can see something you don’t? Well, you may be right, according to a new study. Cats, dogs, and other mammals are thought to see in ultraviolet light, which opens up a whole different world than the one we see, the study explains. UV light is the wavelength beyond the visible light from red to violet that humans can see.”

Furthermore, “Humans have a lens that blocks UV from reaching the retina. It was previously thought that most mammals have lenses similar to humans. Scientists studied the lenses of dead mammals, including cats, dogs, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs, and ferrets. By researching how much light passes through the lens to reach the retina, they concluded that some mammals previously thought not to be able to see UV actually can.”

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Although the science speaks for itself, many people also argue that there are metaphysical aspects related to these abilities of cats, dogs, and other animals. For instance, there have been several accounts of animals acting incredibly strangely—seemingly as a result of seeing things around them that no human in the vicinity was capable of seeing—especially after mutually known loved ones have recently passed away or other tragic events have occurred. Cats have been said to bat their paws and claws into the empty air, to meow awkwardly and somewhat uncontrollably, to chase invisible things or beings over long distances, and to hiss at invisible things or beings nearby.

Even if all of these things can be explained by animals reacting strangely to seeing and interacting with UV light, how can any of them be explained at night time, indoors, or under other circumstances in which there was definitely no UV light present. What’s more, accounts exist of human beings claiming to see “shadow people,” and accounts like this are even somewhat commonplace among individuals who suffer from sleep paralysis. Spookier yet, people have also claimed to witness shadow entities like this at the exact moments that animals around them begin acting alarmingly; in fact, animals have even been reported to flee in situations such as these.

It could be wise to follow your pets.





*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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