How to Make Anxiety Work for You, Not Against You

Keys to happiness and peacefulness.

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The Buddha-like Jean Vanier has said that, “Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness.” It seems true that growth is tied to realization, recognition, and acceptance, and there are a wide variety of different resources which can be utilized to help with this process. More specifically, journaling, mindful thinking, meditation, and psychologists can help virtually all humans overcome anxiety and depression. However, it can often be surprisingly helpful to tap into pop culture for invaluable insights and information.

For instance, some people claim to have had major breakthroughs while watching the movie Insurgent. One scene of particular therapeutic or cathartic worth occurs when Tris is attempting to pass simulation tests in order to frantically and heroically escape a futuristic prison. The moment when Tris comes face to face with her stunning clone—and the all-to-real voices in her mind—has been described as life-changing by many people.

The metaphor is brought to life even more vividly when Tris watches her clone running toward her at breakneck speed; just like severe anxiety seems to viciously speed toward people, as well. Moreover, Tris must block-out the negative things which her clone is screaming at her (again, similar to how anxiety tries to force words and thoughts into minds and hearts).

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The finale of the scene closes the metaphor perfectly; Tris stops fighting once she has an epiphany that reveals she must accept that her clone and her ego are both parts of her, but that she can accept this, forgive herself, and move beyond past negativity. “I will forgive you. I will love you,” are the words, the thoughts, and the revelations which defeat the clone, and which defeat anxiety.

When a human being is angry inside, it is imperative for them to listen to what that anger is trying to convey. Once the source of the anger, the negativity, and the anxiety has been identified, it is then vital to accept it, and then release it by thinking, talking, writing, or meditating—whatever your unique methods are.

Of course, none of this will be as easy as it seems, even if it doesn’t seem that easy at all. Anxiety can be indescribably dark and painful, and learning or knowing how to recover is sometimes not enough to make recovery possible. However, if careful focus is maintained and deep thinking is endured until a breakthrough is reached, then re-balancing your inner emotions and peace is quite possible—even quite probable.




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*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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