It Takes A Real Man To Date The Woman Who Is Used To Being On Her Own


It’s hard enough for many men to land dates on a regular basis even if they spend most of their time around women who are single-and-looking, so it’s easy to imagine how difficult (or impossible) it might be for the average man to successfully date a woman who is 100% happy being single. For most women who are used to being on their own, this is precisely the case.

It’s just human nature to feel lonely and wanting shortly after a break-up, but if you can make it through a few months without committing to anyone else, these feelings and emotions can rapidly dissipate. If you can get to the point where you begin to remember all the things you wanted to do while you were in a relationship but just never had time to (or were never allowed to), then you’ll be extremely close to the point where you actually start doing all those things on a regular basis. Soon after this, thoughts about actively seeking out another partner can become almost non-existent.

When this stage is reached, genuine feelings and emotions can be acknowledged, accepted, and released without fear or anxiety. However, these new levels of openness, honesty, and freedom also mean that any potential partner will have to be willing to embrace these qualities and characteristics in order to stand a chance of being welcome. When a woman is used to being on her own, any new partner must be able to listen her, hear her, and trust her—every time she speaks passionately or earnestly, without exception. For these women, partners must be able to fully connect with them physically, mentally, and emotionally, especially in situations and under circumstances in which it’s particularly uncomfortable and difficult to do so.

Yet, it’s important to remember how women who are used to being their own came to have these types of desires, passions, and needs—and it’s imperative to remember why they have them. With these kinds of perspectives, human beings can be happy, peaceful, and successful entirely independently. Of course, any wise human being is open to enhanced happiness with a partner regardless of how satisfied they already are, so this independence isn’t negative in the least. However, even though it is certainly well worth it for a man to pursue a relationship with a woman who is used to being on her own, this definitely doesn’t mean it will ever be easy.

If a man has already gone through a similar transformation of his own, then he at least stands a chance—if not, the struggle will likely be intense. It goes without saying that it’s a different world for men and women, and even in the most progressive countries men have enjoyed privileges—unjustly—over women. Females have historically had to work harder for less, to speak louder with less affect, and to step aside or stand back, in general. Yet, as well as being reasons why many men find it hard to date women who are used to being on their own, these are all also reasons why it’s worth it for men to try.



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