Sometimes We Don’t End up with the Person We Love Because Life Has Different Plans for Us

You can’t force life or love.

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Sometimes it’s virtually impossible to admit that the person you love wants different things than you do in life, and it’s even harder to accept this when that person clearly loves you as well. It’s incredibly tempting to simply just try to be content with living a normal life and settling down together—even if this really means settling in other significant ways too. However, sooner or later every human being is forced to follow their own purposes and passions in life, even if it doesn’t happen for years, decades, or generations.

As alluded to, even though this is can be downright painful to accept, the sooner these types of facts are acknowledged the sooner healing can begin. In situations like the one described above, both individuals will be far happier and fulfilled in the long term if they begin seeking someone who is capable of genuinely providing them with what they desire and need as opposed to staying in a relationship that will never be ideal or adequate. It’s always tempting to simply hope for fate or fortune to intervene—like in a movie or in a novel—and eventually fix the current problem or person, miraculously or otherwise, but it’s often more prudent to deny temptations rather than chasing them.

Reality may not evolve as ideally or as creatively as plots in movies or in novels do, but it is possible to achieve a happily ever after scenario if you take control and become the true author of your own life and happiness. Once you have the right mindset, it’s impossible not to realize how much love there is in the world; what’s more, it’s impossible not to recognize all the love in just the small portion of the world around you every day. In order to perceive life in these ways, it’s vital to realize that past experiences, memories, words, and love are all significant regardless of whether the people and the relationships associated with them remain in your life or not.

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All of these things have contributed to shaping you and changing you into the person who you are today, and that alone gives them value and significance. Moreover, all those things have influenced your perception of life and living—and of who you truly desire to love and live with for the rest of your life—which makes them even more worthy, to say the least. With all of this in mind, be sure to appreciate the past and acknowledge its influence and impact on your present and future. However, also be sure to focus more on positioning yourself and evolving yourself for the future, and be sure to focus most of all on taking action in the present for both short term and long term happiness, peacefulness, and love.





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*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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