Stop Chasing Happiness: 17 Alternative Ways to Live Your Best Possible Life

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Edith Wharton once said that, “If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.” This notion is truer than it may initially seem—please read the following list to obtain a better understanding of what it takes to experience the right kind of happiness.

#1: Stop thinking and talking about being “happy.”

The word has been overused for so long that it has lost real meaning. Instead of asking yourself what will make you happy, ask yourself what will fill an emotional void in your life: are you in need of more contentment, enjoyment, laughter, well-being, peace of mind, cheerfulness, playfulness, or hopefulness?

#2: Focus on the present.

Letting go of past regrets and future complications is one of those things that is far easier said than done, but living for the day and focusing on the present is vital to experiencing genuine enjoyment.

#3: Know your true desires.

If you aren’t striving for what you truly want in life, even if you achieve what you’ve been striving for then you still won’t experience real happiness. It’s well worth devoting adequate and proper time and energy to figuring out what will bring you joy before setting goals.

#4: Strive for realistic joy.

Keep in mind that no matter how unhappy your life seems sometimes, the worst years of your life are still probably better than the best years of the vast majority of the global population. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting happiness, peacefulness, and success—there’s just something wrong with never being satisfied until you’ve conquered the entire world.

#5: Locate pockets of happiness through the day.

It is possible to break a long, enjoyable activity into smaller activities which can be enjoyed throughout the day whenever time permits. Again, contemplate what you really enjoy—and then figure out how you can enjoy certain aspects of it for only a few minutes of time each day.

#6: Make other people happy.

Studies have proven that helping others and giving to others is actually more rewarding and enjoyable than it is to receive assistance from other people.

#7: Don’t confuse happiness with accomplishment.

There’s nothing wrong with striving toward goals and feeling happy when you accomplish them, but it’s imperative that you are able to feel genuinely happy regardless of what you do or don’t achieve.

#8: Don’t force positivity.

We’ve all been told for decades that it’s always beneficial to be as positive as possible, but this has resulted in many human beings pretending to be happy when they’re actually sad or ill—which isn’t healthy, to say the least.

#9: Vanquish negativity.

End toxic relationships and remove anything else from your life which is having a negative impact on you as opposed to a positive impact. Again, this won’t be easy, but it will be well worth it long term.

#10: It’s OK to be happy with being OK.

Actually, this is one of the ultimate goals of happiness: it means that being happy has become the norm for you—which is quite healthy, to say the least.

#11: Don’t get overly comfortable.

Your brain requires variety in order to generate happy, feel-good endorphins, so it’s imperative to try new things that make you feel a little anxious beforehand. Whether it’s travelling, meeting new people, or trying new activities, doing something even though you’re a little scared to attempt it always has positive effects in the short term and the long term.

#12: Stay fit.

A healthy body is about 1/3rd of what is needed in order to experience ongoing and indefinite happiness.

#13: Practice meditation or mindful thinking.

Mindfulness and meditation keeps your mind mentally fit, and good mental health is another 1/3rd of what is required for continual happiness. If you really want to do the bare minimum, even thinking to yourself in silence for five minutes each day will be quite beneficial.

#14: Keep meeting new people.

As per the old saying, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Since it’s highly unlikely everyone you meet will be a positive and happy influence, it’s crucial to meet a lot of people in order to meet enough quality individuals.

#15: Connect with nature.

Walking, sitting, or lying with nature will enable you to unplug from the breakneck, modern day world; plugging into nature will allow you to recharge and recuperate.

#16: Never lie to yourself.

Avoid suffering from cognitive dissonance by accepting, admitting, and experiencing the emotions which are within you. Only by acknowledging how you genuinely feel can you truly release those emotions.

#17: Be a morning person.

Morning routines have been proven to make people happier and more successful. Consider beginning your day with a spiritual practice or a physical exercise, and be sure to eat a healthy and enjoyable breakfast.




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.