The 100 Most Amazing Photographs Ever Taken without Using Photoshop

Wicked photos. Earth porn.

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When an artist fully embraces nature in their work, often times brilliant artwork is produced as a result. Even though the invention of Photoshop has led to eye-catching artwork that would have been impossible otherwise, there’s just something about genuinely natural images that can’t be replicated or truly bettered. With this in mind, check out the 100 photographs below to experience this magical sense of intimate appreciation for yourself.

Hot water cast into freezing Antarctic air

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Tennis ball galaxy

© Abhijeet Kumar


Turbine highways in the Netherlands



Volcanic ash temple in Japan



A street runs through it in New York



Super-moon globe





© trynidada


100th anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birth in North Korea

©Ilya Pitalev


Blue skies (and fields) in Japan

© Hiroki Kondu/National Geographic


Abernethy forest of webs in Scotland

© Mark Hamblin


Snow beach

© Gray Malin


Lightning volcanoes in Iceland

© Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson/www.stefnisson.com


Eagle lake in Canada

© Fred Johns


Beach Italia

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© Bernhard Lang


Scarlet frog eye in Costa Rica

© Ingo Arndt/National Geographic


Yunnan in China



Hotaru Ika firefly squid in Japan

© Takehito Miyatake


Namib Desert in Africa

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© Beth McCarley


Flamingos in the Yucatan Peninsula



Lake Natron in Tanzania



Endless forests in Russia

© Ivan Letokhin


Rapeseed fields in Luoping, China



Sea-like dunes in the Namib Desert

© Nick Lefebvre


Westerdok District, Amsterdam





© Stefano Landenna


Trees of frost

© Jan Bainar


Butterflies and turtles

© Twipz Biswas


Water walker


© Fox Grom


Village in Arkhangelsk, Russia

© Fedor Savintsev


Leaf spider

© Bertrand Kulik



© 진철 김


Charlotte, USA

© Vincent Brady


American Eagle

© Tim Boyer


Leaf guitar

©Aditya Permana


Lake Victoria waterspout in Uganda

© Julia Cumes



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Morant’s Curve

© Frank Gunn


Mari El, Russia

© Eduard Nikolaev / National Geographic


Rosetta probe comet-selfie

© ESA/Rosetta / Philae/CIVA


Colorado, USA

© Jeff Howe


Fish-human in Mahabalipuram, India

© Brian Callaway / National Geographic


Angel birds

© Robert Radomski


San Francisco, USA

© Peter Majkut


Miklukhin, Rostov region, Russia

Unknown author



© Svenja Jödicke


Tooth shore

© Patrice Carre


Diamond mine in Mirny, Yakutia, Russia



Flashlight on Ice

© Henry Liu


Greenland dog sledding

© Joe Capra


Illusion of waves

© Alexandra Mednaya



© Dmitry Iskhakov


Long takeoff



Sea yoga



Crayfish capturing world



Invisible Jeep



Dancer paper

© JR Artist


Royal British Navy show



Ice road, Chukotka Peninsula, Russia

© Elena Chernyshova/National Geographic


Statue of Christ at bottom of Atlantic near Key Largo island, USA

© Lawrence Cruciana


After the flood in Ljubljana, Slovenia

© Ales Komovec


Illusion of explosion

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© Corey Arnold


Sun lion

© Michael Shmelev


Honey ants in Malaysia

© Husni Che Ngah


Sky lantern festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

© Sherry Zhao


New Kaindy Lake in Kazakhstan

© Dina Julayeva


50 shades of rays

© Eduardo Lopez Negrete


Train on the Kazakh steppe from a plane

© Slava Stepanov


Ice mountain in Slovenia



Bushy Park, London

© Max Ellis


Moravian fields in Czech Republic

© Pawel Kucharski


Water cherries

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© Laurens Kaldeway


Gansu Province, China



Almond field tractor in California

© Robert Holmes


Amitabha Buddha Day in Vietnam



Lake Retba in Senegal





© Tanja Brandt


Earth gifts

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© Jorn Allan


Moon rising in Madrid, Spain

©Yil Dori


Bottom-up Eiffel Tower

© Sylke Scholz


Rainbow lightning



Hong Kong

© Lingfei Tan


Tianzi Mountain in China

©Richard Janecki


Surf’s up



Red hat

© Vyacheslav Mishchenko


Seasons change

©Dan Tivada


Athabaska River in Jasper National Park, Canada

© Harry Lichtman


Times Square, New York

©Andrew Thomas


Dragon leaf



Ice breaker

© Peter Pereira


Kallur lighthouse on Kalsoy island, Faroe Islands

© Grégoire Sieuw / National Geographic


Potato land



Squirrely games

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© Vadim Trunov


Snow train



Kingdom of Bagan in Myanmar

© Andy Ferrington/National Geographic


Base jumping in Norway

© Ratmir Nagimyanov


Broken sound barrier

© Darek Siusta


Glacier Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

© Ben Leshchinsky/National Geographic

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