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This Is What Being Faithful Means Because It’s More Than Not Sleeping Around


Source: Pexels / David Bares.

It’s unfortunate many human beings believe that all being faithful entails is not engaging in sexual relations with anyone other than their significant other. In truth, being faithful means much more than only having sex with your partner, only kissing your partner, and only touching your partner in more than friendly ways. Being faithful should mean that you’ve deleted all dating profiles and apps; not because you feel obligated to do so, but because you feel as though there’s no reason to keep them. Indeed, it would be helpful if more human beings more closely associated words like dedicated and devoted with “being faithful.”

Being faithful should mean never trying to flirt with anyone other than your partner, and it should mean immediately putting an end to any flirting that occurs unintentionally. It’s not enough to just decline to accept phone numbers from other people—it’s about making it clear to them that you’re already happily spoken for. Of course, it’s tempting to revel in the fact that someone other than your partner is attracted to you, but being faithful needs to supersede these types of impulsive and selfish thoughts and actions if your faithfulness is really genuine. What’s worse, purposely trying to make it seem like you’re signal when you’re not—to anyone—is always a betrayal regardless of whether or not anything more tangible ever occurs.

Moreover, being truly faithful should mean genuine openness and honesty, like telling your partner information that you know they’d want to know even if they don’t specifically ask about it. For example, if you unexpectedly run into your ex in public and end up sitting down for a coffee together. Even if the truth is uncomfortable to share, it must be divulged in the interest of really being faithful to your partner. It’s not like you’re not allowed to text other people, “Like” photos on social media, or have good friends of both sexes—you just can’t do these things secretly or deceptively.

Being faithful should mean going out of your way to make your partner not have to worry about you being unfaithful. To put it another way, being faithful should mean going out of your way to protect your partner from feeling hurt. It’s vital to fight the urge to think that being faithful is just about not having sex with someone other than your partner, or even not making out with anyone other than your partner. In order to be faithful, a human being also refrains from becoming romantically intimate with other people emotionally, aside from physically. And really, if your love for your significant other is stronger than your desire to appeal to other potential partners—being faithful in these ways should be a pleasure as opposed to a burden.



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