This Is Why the Most Intelligent Girls Overthink Everything

The method to the calculated madness.

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Intelligent women tend to have countless thoughts and ideas flowing through their minds at any given moment. Regardless of whether or not they are relaxing (or attempting to relax), intelligent females always seem to be stressing about more than a few significant issues simultaneously. However, this is part of the price that a human being has to pay for having a brain without a functioning “off” switch. In many cases, making intelligent decisions requires what many individuals would consider to be “overthinking,” even if the problem or the decision at hand doesn’t seem to be complex to most other people.

Indeed, it’s necessary for intelligent women to envision and contemplate several potential decisions for every decision that needs to be made, and the results and/or consequences of said decisions must also be carefully considered; brilliance is about devoting the time and energy which is necessary just as much as it is about natural ability and talent. As a result of overthinking, intelligent females aren’t often surprised when challenges or inconveniences materialize, and they tend to be excellent at adapting to changing circumstances and situations because of this as well.

What’s more, when an intelligent woman is adequately and properly prepared for life, she is fully capable of taking control whether she meets significant resistance or not. Knowing exactly where you want to go and precisely who you’re likely to meet along the way and once you get there is simply good practice, among many other things. If an intelligent female ever found themselves ill-prepared, they wouldn’t be able to help feeling foolish; scenarios like these are avoided at virtually all costs.

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Intelligent women are usually insightful students of literature because their over-analyzing and micro-analyzing skills are often perfect for the tasks at hand. Along the same lines, these types of women are basically professional body language interpreters, and they frequently have a knack for detecting deception or dishonesty in someone’s voice or eyes. Of course, sometimes this leads to more than a little self-consciousness, but intelligent women are usually able learn from these uncomfortable moments and then use those feelings to their advantage once they regain focus and energy.

More specifically, intelligent females avoid doing foolish things like falling in love with someone who can never love them the way they require in return, or like staying in a career—or in any other situation in life—that will never be able to satisfy them the way they desire and need to be happy and at peace. Intelligent women are proud of the fact that they are excellent at supporting and caring for themselves and other individuals who are worthy of their time and energy.

And they should be proud.




Image source: Unsplash / Noah Hinton

*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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