When You Love Someone and It Doesn’t Work out, Keep Them in Your Life


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Odds are this goes against virtually everything you’ve ever been told regarding ex-partners, but the notion of keeping an ex in your life is definitely worth exploring. In fact, decisions like this should certainly be made on a case by case basis; sometimes removing someone from your life mainly because they don’t feel precisely the same way about you as you do about them is the right thing to do, but it should still be a decision to make with careful consideration. Sometimes there’s no need to lose both a lover and a good friend simultaneously.

You’ve probably heard that a human being can never truly heal if they don’t completely remove their ex from their life, but is anything in life this simple?—yet alone anything related to romance and relationships? Of course, it’s necessary to move on and move forward after the end of a romantic relationship, but there are many examples of people who have managed to move forward while remaining friends; all of them have survived the endeavors, and many of them have thrived in life because they decided to do so.

In fact, staying good friends with an ex—or becoming even better friends with an ex—has resulted in fewer nights of having to cry before falling asleep for countless individuals. Along the same lines, remaining friends with an ex after a break-up has prevented many people from abusing alcohol or turning to other vices, and there’s no reason to suggest the trend won’t continue for lifetimes to come. It takes a certain degree of respect to be able to forgive an ex and move forward with the genuine intention of helping them to move forward without expecting anything in return. Friendships like this tend to strengthen everyone involved in them, and many people merely near to them.

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It’s fascinating to think that it’s possible to get over someone without even losing that person from your life. Indeed, smiling and laughing require no romance at all in order to be enjoyed, and you might find that they fulfill you in ways that are entirely different than romance—yet just as needed and appreciated. It’s a rare occurrence to get to know someone as well as many human beings get to know their partners, so there really are insights that exes can provide you with that possibly no other person in the world can (at least not in every case, and not in precisely the same way).

Again, there will definitely be cases when attempting to forget your ex entirely will be the right thing to do without a doubt. However, it certainly isn’t difficult to imagine countless scenarios in which remaining close friends would be the best thing to do for you, them and the greater world as a whole.




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