Why Empaths Act Strange around Inauthentic People

In many ways, empaths and inauthentic people are complete opposites: as such, they often don’t see eye-to-eye and become irritated with each other quickly. More specifically, empaths have a sort of sixth sense for inauthenticity, and when they detect this in another human being, they are genuinely offended and negatively affected.

Empaths can usually tell when another individual is being agreeable or deceptive so that others will view them favorably, and this disingenuousness rattles an empath to the core. For empaths, observing a person pretending to be friendly equates to observing someone being dishonest and two-faced, and empaths feel this negativity like it is being directly injected into their veins.

If another person is vulnerable or insecure, empaths want them to display these traits so that they can properly empathize with them and attempt to help them overcome these emotions. If someone pretends they are OK when they are not, it not only prevents an empath from being able to help them, but it causes them to feel down in the dumps as well because ultimately, they are being lied to.

When any of these situations occur, empaths will seek to avoid them—and the people responsible for them—entirely. It is both necessary and beneficial for empaths to do so, because there are many individuals in the world that empaths can help if they themselves are able to maintain a positive and empathetic state.

That being said, empaths must avoid disingenuous circumstances merely to maintain their own good mental and physical health. If empaths are in deceptive situations for too long, it will actually become difficult for them to speak coherently, and they can even become physically ill.

No one enjoys feeling helpless, and in a world in which millions or billions of individuals are dishonest every day, empaths must do what they need to in order to aid those they can—and to avoid those individuals who will make doing so impossible for them.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here: https://theusualroutine.com/2017/03/05/empaths-act-strange-around-inauthentic-people/.