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Zodiacs Ranked from Average to the Absolute Creepiest


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#1: Cancer.

People of this sign tend to be very sweet and harmless, even when other individuals offend them or treat them unjustly. However, Cancers have been known to snoop around when no one’s looking, but if you don’t mind a little sneakiness, then Cancer is a fine sign to have as a person.

#2: Virgo.

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Virgos seem to be into taxidermy more than most human beings, but it also doesn’t seem like anything should be read into it. Virgos also tend to stick-up for and defend their friends more than most friends do, and they oftentimes have admirable morals.

#3: Taurus.

Fascinatingly, Taurus has been known to love horror movies, and they have also been known to demonstrate intense excitement suddenly and unexpectedly. Although this can come off as being creepy, the vast majority of people of the sign of Taurus are harmless (and entertaining).

#4: Leo.

Cryptically, Leos seem to contemplate death more than most human beings do—and they even tend to joke about it more than most people. However, it’s not wise to constantly take the words of a Leo literally, and most individuals find Leos hilarious and enjoyable once they get to know them.

#5: Pisces.

Pisces are also known to enjoy horror movies more than most people do, and they usually love to keep their adrenaline pumping whenever possible. Many human beings of the sign of Pisces are the type of people who “love being scared”—so people that enjoy scaring other individuals are perfect for them.

#6: Libra.

Interestingly, Libras often believe in ghosts—and many Libras even claim to have seen, felt, heard, or even interacted with spectral entities. However, Libras have also been known to believe in many conspiracy theories that eventually end up being true (so don’t be too quick to judge).

#7: Gemini.

Geminis have reputations for being fearless, which means they usually kill more spiders and mice than most people throughout their lives, and also that they often comfort more people throughout their lives than most other people. Many Geminis turn out to be important people to society and humanity.

#8: Scorpio.

Oddly, Scorpios tend to be a little sadistic and desensitized to violence. However, this means they can handle more significant and difficult situations than most people can—so a Scorpio could very well end up saving the life of you or are a loved one at some point in life.

#9: Aquarius.

People of the sign of Aquarius are usually highly creative, although this can lead them to do things like researching secret documents and investigating sensitive conspiracy theories. However, many individuals of this sign use their powers for good (not evil).

#10: Sagittarius.

These human beings have reputations for being a little dark as well, but as has been mentioned, the world needs people who can research and experience these subjects in order for society to be able to function as it normally does. Plus, Sagittarius are great people to talk about Sherlock Holmes stories with.

#11: Aries.

Aries also tend to be darker than most people, and some folks have even said that they are the likeliest people to be able to perform an exorcism if you need one. Strange—but useful.

#12: Capricorn.

Unfortunately, Capricorns seem to have all the traits of a serial killer. They are usually capable of detaching themselves from situations and circumstances, which makes empathizing virtually impossible. Yet, it’s said that Capricorns make great secret government agents.



*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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